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A couple of photos from the 1991 reunion taken by Rich Trommater are posted below. 

If you have photographs of past reunions you would like to add please contact me.

The ABHS reunion of 2006 was a great success. Those from the class of 71 included Cathy (Cosmenco) Odisho, Dan Schinzing, and Ruth Presutti.... Mike Bode with his wife Rhonda, Carol Young and her husband Steve, Mike and Kathy Welch came in from Japan ! Pat Jackson, Paul Scally and his wife, EJ Teller and his wife Diane (Rivard), Ike Carpenter, Dale Cooper and his wife. More later.

Tim Leroy Wendy Bieske

Old reunion survey results

If the class of 1971 held a 35th year reunion it would be in 2006. Sue Alford Accivatti (Lillian Alford's (Class of 71) sister!) is the current Student Activities Coordinator and reunion contact for Anchor Bay High School. Sue told me that I was the first of our class to contact her. She has volunteered to forward to this site any former students from the class who contact her about a reunion for our class. If you have an interest in a reunion click on the link below to complete the survey form and I will post the results on this page so we can see how many are interested. Would you be interested in attending a 30th year reunion? Click here for a street map showing the location of Anchor Bay High School.

Survey responses:

Kathy Welch (Westermann) Although it's to late for a 30th a 35th would be great!!  Mike and I would love to see everyone!

Rick Trommater: Yes I would attend. I think it would be a good idea to mix say classes of 69-72 since we all were so close among other reasons.\

Jean (Lienert) (Lindamood) Jennings: Yes, That'll give me time for a facelift and emergency liposuction. Count me in. Tel: 734-994-3500 FAX: 734-994-1153

Larry Wasik [email protected]
UserTel:  423-547-0388 UserFAX: 423-547-0388
A good blast from the past would be nice since everything else is still illegal! I'd give it my best ( and hopefully not last) shot.