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Somewhere….deep in the crevices and caverns of our conscience lie the memories of a world that was our existence over a quarter century ago. Through the mental fog of some 35 plus years of life we look at the pages of our yearbook seeing half-familiar faces and names we once spoke frequently. We imagine that some went on to fame, others to fortune and a few to less happy circumstances.


Did that fellow classmate we thought more aptly described with the phrase "somewhere a village is missing its idiot" manage to buy Microsoft stock in the early 80’s? Did that clueless cretin that sat next to you in math class have the luck to win the lottery?  Or did that ever popular so and so somehow find themselves living in a cardboard box ... in some dark and dirt doorway pointing out their name in the tattered clippings from the social columns to their alley-mates?


As we ponder these possibilities we can only wonder what became of the ABHS Class of 71 …or we can check for them below! If you would like to update us about yourself or another classmate please click here.

[Ahlers-Cairo] [Carpenter-Gaedcke   [Gave-Kowalewski]


[Neigebauer-Rivard]   [Roberts - Steffler]  [Stover -Zabowski]

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