Anchor Bay High School - Class of 1971

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High school was a time of great change and discovery in the lives of many of us who attended ABHS. Looking back we recall friendships and experiences that forever changed us. Our teachers attempted to instill in us lessons to prepare us for challenges we face today, despite our occasional efforts to ignore their words of wisdom. To a greater or lesser degree they succeeded and we carry the marks of their persistence with us today.

Perhaps even more influential however were the things we taught one another. The things our teachers could not teach us. The value of friendship, the importance of trust and the unique daily experiences of growing up that we shared with one another.

The aim of this site is to help us continue where we left off. To renew old friendships and make new ones. To continue educating one another with the lessons the world has taught us since 1971. A cyberspace reunion to bring the ABHS class of 1971 together once again.

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Class Directory
An index of the class of 71 with their yearbook photographs where available. The index is linked to pages for those classmates who have sent in updates. See what's happened in their lives since high school.

A photogallery of some of our teachers.  Do you know where they are today? Help us find them and share with us what new wisdom they have for us now.

Yearbook Photogallery
Photos and pages from the yearbook for those that have "misplaced" theirs. Do you have pictures from our high school years? Send them in and we'll create an online addendum to our yearbook.

Class Photograph
A composite of our class photographs which may be enlarged and even printed if you lost yours or never received one.

Class Prophecy
A light-hearted foretelling of our lives in the year 1994. Some of these forecasts have actually been quite accurate!

Our graduation program with images and text on our last gathering as a class. If you have any photographs of this day please sent them in so we can put some on this page.

Locator Map - Where are we now? 
An index by state of classmates that have been located. Find out just how close you are to those old high school buddies. Planning a trip? Why not say hello or visit with a long lost classmate?

Senior Class Play
The senior class play Flowers for Algernon was also the subject of the movie - Charly. The photographs here are the only ones currently available. If you have others please send them in.

If you have photographs of past reunions or stories about them you would like to add please send them in.

Anchor Bay Catholic High School - Junior Class of 1970
Anchor Bay Catholic High School closed its doors during the summer of 1970. It was a sad day for those of us that had been looking forward to graduating as a class the following year 1971. Help us locate members of this class.

Java Fun
Take a coffee break and enjoy some of these java applets which serve no useful purpose other than to amuse you and let me show off some cool effects.

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