Classmate Update Form

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You can include as much or as little as you want here. Based on the information you provide a page will be created for you with a link from the class directory listing. If you want to change or add information later just complete the relevant parts of the form with the new or changed data or send me an email. To see what I have done for my page click on this example.

Contact Information:


Where are you living? Just city and state or state if you don't want to include the city.
(If you want to be put on the locator map you need to provide at least your state)

Photographs of you and your family  Family photos, vacation pictures, your pets, whatever. Jpeg and gif file formats work best but all formats are accepted. Got a digital camera? Let's see something. Attach your files to a message and send me an email.


Have a microphone? Send a greeting to all your classmates. Make a recording and send in the file. Wave (wav.) files are the most common format but MP3 will work too if you know how to make them. Need help?


What have you been doing since graduating from ABHS?  This doesn't have to be your life story or cover very detail. Just the highlights or whatever you feel you want your classmates to know. Occupation e.g. brain surgeon, accomplishments e.g. escape from maximum security etc.


What are your hobbies and other interests? e.g. filling out classmate update forms...


High School Memories?  What are some of your favorite moments from those years? Good or bad. Favorite teachers? Worse experiences? Great experiences? Share them with your classmates


Give us some words of wisdom. Have you learned anything since high school?  ...well that's what we thought ...still clueless...join the rest of just make something up. Surely you can plagiarize something from the Internet. Advice to pass on? Any thoughts about what to avoid? We need to know!


Do you have a favorite quote, saying or poem?  Do you have a favorite expression or poem? Don't have one yet? Go to e.g. "What a waste it is to lose one's mind. "-Dan Quayle


Do you know how we can contact other classmates? Anything that might help to find them will be appreciated.


Anything else you want to say?

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