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Concerned about your privacy? You should be. While I have taken some measures to protect the information in certain parts of this site I can give you no assurances that it will remain private. Just as the best locks on your home cannot guarantee protection but will only slow down a thief, details of your personal life are available to anyone determined to find them.

There is nothing new in the amount of personal information being made available today. The only difference is the convenience afforded by new technology. The public domain data on the Internet is the same data that was always available by other means. Need examples? Try A database of 130 million birth dates taken from public records. Or consider this quote from Sun Microsystems CEO, Scott McNealy. At a Sun Microsystems press event Mr. McNealy was asked about privacy issues. "Get over it," McNealy told reporters and analysts. "You have no privacy anyway."

SoÖ.donít post or email anything here that you would not want others to know. I am sensitive to your concerns about privacy however and invite your comments and questions.

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