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Name Maiden Name Date Email
Mark Spezia   Jan 2005 [email protected]
Dave Asselin   Jan 2004 [email protected]
Dwight Carpenter   Dec 2003 [email protected]
Gerald Ruhlman   Aug 2003 [email protected]
Donna M. Lueke   Nov 2002 [email protected]
Kathy Welch Westermann Aug 2002 [email protected]
Maria Schave Rabine May 2002 [email protected]
Pat Jackson April 2002 [email protected]
Cathy Odisho Cosmenco Feb 2002 [email protected]
Daniel Lee Schinzing   Feb 2002 [email protected]
Ruth Presutti   Feb 2002 [email protected]
Chuck Steiner   Nov 2001 [email protected]
Dave Blaess   Oct 2001 [email protected]
Dave Rivard   July 2001 [email protected]
Tony Rupprecht   June 2001 [email protected]
Kathleen Ohlman Desmarais May 2001 [email protected]
Cindi Yosin Brabson May 2001 [email protected]
Larry Wasik   April 2001 [email protected]
Mary Lou Kata Dloski Jan 2001 [email protected]
Jean Jennings Lienert Jan 2001 [email protected]
Claudia Schmidt   Dec 2000 [email protected]
Darlene  Huff Witt Dec 2000 [email protected]
Alice  Simmons Engel Nov 2000 [email protected]
Jacalyn  Hicks Hortos Nov 2000 [email protected]
Debra  Walker Hebert Oct 2000 [email protected]
Ricky Schehr   Sept 2000 [email protected]
Tom Okalski   Sept 2000  
Alan Naldrett   Aug 2000 [email protected]
Dale Cooper   Aug 2000 [email protected]
Chuck Steiner   Aug 2000 [email protected]
Mary Cook  Bowles July 2000 [email protected]
Jack Grup   July 2000 [email protected]
Lillian  Petre Alford July 2000 [email protected]
Rick Trommater   June 2000 [email protected]
Barb Wisney   June 2000 [email protected]

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