How to Find Other People Online

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Here are some ways to find people, all of which take a little patience. Using the methods below you can locate email addresses, web pages, phone numbers, and home addresses of long lost friends and classmates. Keep in mind that there are usually many people with the same name. Try looking for your own name first to give you an idea of what you may find. You may be surprised how many other people have your name. I tried my own name in Yahoo People Search and got a listing of 106 people with my name, and I wasn't one of them!  Providing additional information about the person you are trying to find can make the search easier but if you narrow the search too much, you may not find anyone.

Online Data Bases

There are many online data bases with millions of names. Each of the services have different types of information that they track so you should try more than one. The following are the most popular.

Another option is to use the site at  This site charges a very small fee per inquiry but has many public records not available anywhere else

If the name you are looking for has a more unusual last name, try searching for just the last name. You may find that a siblings name or parents name is listed.

Send Some Email

Once you have found some email addresses you may have to do a little guessing. If you have narrowed the search to under ten names you can try the "Brute Force" method. Send an email to all of the addresses you found with a very brief message such as:

"Hi, are you related to so and so from New Baltimore? I am from the Anchor Bay High School class of 1971 and am looking for ....

"Did you go to ABHS in 1971?"

Search for Web Pages

    Another way you may find someone is to find their Home Page. Use the popular search engines to search for their full name. You should put the name in quotes to limit the search. Also try reversing the names Last, First. Sometimes this finds a name in a company database. I have had the most success with Infoseek and Yahoo!

  • Infoseek

  • Yahoo!

  • Lycos

  • Excite

  • Altavista

  • Northernlight

  • Google

  • Dogpile

  • Search Alumni Lists

There are alumni web sites which allow you to register your name and contact information with your school and year of graduation. Posting your name to these lists will make it more likely someone will be able to find you.

  • ClassMates

  • HighSchoolAlumni

  • Planet Alumni

  • Grad Finder

  • Alumni Net

  • American School Directory (School # = 154613)

  • School News

  • Anyone got more sites to add to this?

  • Contact Anchor Bay High School

    It's also worth contacting Anchor Bay High School and emailing the addresses found there. You may find someone still there that know's how to contact the person you're looking for.