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Here are some of the comments received from visitors to the ABHS Class of 1971 website. Have something to say about this site? To add your comments click here.

My name is Jennifer (La Londe) Bomarito. I graduated in 1986 and I was a member of the Performing Arts Club for the four years I attended Anchor Bay High School. I was very close to Joe Abell. He almost became a second dad to me. We could talk about anything. ...You did a wonderful job on the web site. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled a cross it so many years after Joe's death. His funeral was the saddest that I every attended. I loved him very much and I miss him. Thank you for the site. Jennifer


...thanks for doing the work on the ABHS 71 web site, with the prophecy being a real HOOT! It sure did miss what I turned out to be, but it was funny! If you get some time, you can see my web sites through which I sell my books and videos I've written and produced at: and  Dan Schinzing


Great job - thanks so much - it is more appreciated than you'll probably ever know.  I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the photos and comments classmates have sent. Ruth (Presutti) Zieleniewski


...updates on the web site are awesome. I've known Rick Trommeter and have been in Clearwater several times with him and my cousin Kerry.

Dave Rivard


I'm one of those lost teachers! I'm John Weismiller (pages 33 and 48 of the 1969 Anchor.) I just received a wonderful e-mail from Kathy Desmarais and it spurred me on again to search for websites from my former students and colleagues. I taught at ABHS from 64-69. Anchor Bay was my first school, I've got all of the yearbooks, and I'll always treasure those five years!

John Weismiller
Tucson, Arizona

...this fantastic ABHS web site is greatly appreciated! It's fantastic! Seeing your school picture and the "you now" picture gives everything such a REAL feeling. .. I don't think I have run into anyone since. It's almost like my high school years didn't even exist. But this web site brought it all back to life! I'm definitely going to look some people up. Cindi Yosin

Great Job, Rich Debbie Hebert Walker

I am a 1973 graduate of Anchor Bay and was looking at your website. You did a terrific job and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed looking at all the old picture's for your yearbook pages. I don't have a High school year book for the class of "73" and I was wondering if you know of a place on the internet where I could possible get a copy? Once again, Bravo on your webpage. 
Laura Smith

Great site.  I just quickly emailed a couple of old friends. Mary Lou (Dloski) Kata.

The website, by the way, looks impressive. Thank you for all the time and effort towards it! Jackie (Hortos) Hicks

A great website! It was wonderful looking at the pictures of the students. I taught English and speech in room A-8, across the corridor from the Superintendent's office at Anchor Bay High School.  I left Anchor Bay at the end of the 68-69 school year, so I remember a lot of names and faces.  Some of my colleagues were John MacDonald and Jay Kenney.
John Weismiller

The Web page is absolutely a work of art ...what a wonderful job you have done.
Lillian Alford Class of 71

I haven't seen most people from our class since graduation. You did an excellent job designing the website!
Mary Bowles-Cook Class of 71

Hi Rich! Like the web site!
Alan Naldrett Class of 71

Thanks for putting up the site. It is a great tribute. [to Joe Abell]
Perry Bailes Class of 90

I was very impressed with your website. Thank you. 
Peggy (Rose) Hayhurst  ABHS Class of 65

Thanks for thinking of us! You have done a very nice job with your site. Good luck.
Dave Visnaw Instrumental Music Director ABHS

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